nuclei - Ubuntu 22.04



I like making use of Linode because they have servers for as little as $5 per month. Use my referral link, and you can get $100 added to your account for free when you sign up.

When I signed up this time, I decided to try out Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

The initial steps

The following steps can be copied and pasted while logged in as root.

I normally use these VPS setups as a disposable pen-testing platform and delete them after each engagement. For that reason, I just leave all the tooling in the /root directory and pretty much run everything as the user root.

Get the system updated

apt update
apt dist-upgrade

Install Golang

chmod +x ./installer_linux
source ~/.bash_profile

Install nuclei

go install -v

Update nuclei

nuclei -update
nuclei -ut
Written on May 24, 2022